In the Tarot Card Reading, Anna will decipher the cards to give you insight into your questions, concerns, and curiosities of life. The Tarot reading goes into most areas of life, i.e., love, career, financial matters, and will even help clarify uncertainties of your past. 

Palmistry Reading

​Tarot Card Reading

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One of the world's oldest forms of divination and fortune telling. Anna translates the Heart, Head, Life, and Fate lines and mounds of your palms according to your past, present and future. This reading gives you information on love and attraction, creativity and intellectualism, physical and general well-being, your life's path, successes and obstacles.



Using a specially cleansed, naturally mined crystal, Anna will instruct you to hold the crystal and meditate for a few moments on your most deepest and personal concerns, then Anna will read the energy placed into the crystal by you. Amplified by her own psychic abilities, Anna uses the Crystal Energy Reading to see into the areas of your life that truly need to be clarified.


​Crystal Energy Reading

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